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The Perfect Place

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There's a lot of talent here in the southeast.  There's also some mighty big hearts in the Carolinas.  A few of them are the producers, cast, and crew of The Perfect Place.  

Written by Taylor-Grace Davis and Patrick Elliott the movie is inspired by Taylor-Grace's work with the Frederick Douglass Family Foundation.  This organization, formed by Nettie Washington Douglass and her adult children, exists to carry on the tradition of her ancestors, Fredrick Douglass and Booker T. Washington.  By creating awareness that slavery and human trafficking is still going on today, she and her family are following in their footsteps.  Her son, Kenneth B. Morris, president of the foundation, travels the U.S. and abroad spreading the message about human trafficking and what can be done about it.

In order to complete their vision and bring modern day enslavement to attention Taylor-Grace and Patrick sought the help of director Chad Farmer who agreed right away to direct the movie.  It is based on a true story, about a young girl that was sold into sex slavery.  This sort of thing could be going on in your communty without you being aware of it.  The Perfect Place shows how it can happen.  

Learning the warning signs and how to react can make a big difference for the victim of such a crime. Often illiteracy and poverty are to blame so education may be the best tool to reduce the number of people affected by it.

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Taylor-Grace and Patrick star in the film along with  Vanessa Ore, a popular actor in the Charlotte film community and Elijah Chester who is both an actor and a singer who has won a Grammy and a  Dove Award for his recordings.  

A labor of love, Taylor-Grace's parents, Tim and Kimberly Davis, are producing the movie through their family owned production company, 3D Productions.  They also kept the cast and crew well fed during the filming.  On the production Kimberly had this to say: "This was the first film that we as a family did under our company 3D Productions. We are so thankful for all the cast and crew who volunteered their time to help work on this."

Currently the film is just wrapping up post-production with scoring being completed by Cutshawkane-FilmComposers. Soon it will be entered at as many festivals as possible and also will be available to non-profit groups to show.

"This is a not for profit film but one that we hope will touch lives, give hope and shed light on this terrible problem that is going on right under our nose." - Kimberly Davis

If you'd like to raise awareness and get this film into as many festivals as possible please send a donation via Paypal to and mark Perfect Place to help with film festival entry fees. For sizable donations they will also give producer credits on IMDb.

To find out more about the film along with when and where to see it go to:

The Perfect Place

Meanwhile view the teaser trailer below, then read the interview with the cast and crew, and be sure to
spread the message around,

I'm intrigued? Why is it called "The Perfect Place"?

Taylor-Grace Davis.jpg

Taylor Grace Davis: Because the people who find her... and realize what has happened to her end up adopting her and taking her in because they can not have children so she found the perfect place .. finally.

We cried the entire weekend we filmed because we knew there really was a real Sadie who had experienced this...

We changed enough of the story and the names and some specifics so that people would not know what we were talking about but it is based on a real girl with special needs who this happened to in my home town.

How did this project come about?

Patrick Elliott.jpgPatrick Elliott: To my memory Taylor-Ggrace said she and I should do a film together. We had met on a previous film but didn't share any scenes.

She and I decided to write one. She wanted to do something a little challenging which led to her creating the character Sadie--an autistic girl who has obviously never developed common social skills.

TG has a passion for the human trafficking and modern slavery issue, and this story deals heavily with this.

My character, Mike, meanwhile, has his own issue with impotence seriously affecting his relationship with his wife, Lindsay, who is played by the talented Vanessa Ore.

Mike and Sadie meet, and their relationship affects how they deal with their respective issues.

So it was written by you and Taylor-Grace? Was anyone else involved?

Taylor Grace Davis: Yes written by Patrick and I and then Chad was the director/editor

How did you hook up with Chad?

Taylor-Grace Davis: I met Chad through Patrick. It is hard to find quality crew who are willling to work for free and Chad did that for us.

Did you have a hard time convincing him?

Taylor-Grace Davis: No he was ready to go. That is what is so cool about this... Vanessa Ore and Elijiah also were willing to work for free. Patrick is also one of the musical people too. He did the opening credits and some of the other music too.

Chad Farmer.jpg

Chad Farmer: Patrick, Taylor, and I started talking on twitter one day before any of us had ever met in person. we all had mutual online friends so we said "let's just do it."

Tell me about your inspiration for this subject.

Taylor-Grace Davis: I applied to serve on the youth advisory board for the Frederick Douglass Family Foundation in Atlanta and was one of the 50 youth chosen. I served on that a year and did several radio talk shows but most important was that I learned how terrible the problem is. I met a wonderful friend names Kenneth Morris. His great grandfather is Frederick Douglass on one side and Booker T Washington on the other side. He likes the story so much he is willing to donate a page on their website to help promote it

Unfortunately slavery still exists today and our united efforts are creating awareness all around the globe.

When we talk about human trafficking are we talking about the sex trade, slave labor, or something else? What has happened to make people succumb to the will of others in these cases?

Taylor-Grace Davis:  There are tons of forms of modern day slavery.. the most shocking of course is the sex trade and slaves but there are many others... people who are forced to work in exchange for fair treatment or poorly paid wages.
Forced labor and other things.

Patrick Elliott:  In keeping with the topic of slavery, I saw Lincoln the other night which our own Elijah Chester was in. It, of course, deals with Abraham Lincoln's efforts at abolishing slavery.

The civil war cost hundreds of thousands of lives including the great Lincoln himself. I'm a little conflicted about the civil war itself, but, as I feel passionately that man was made to be free, I have to say that if that's what it cost, then it was worth it.

I wasn't really aware of the extent of this until Taylor-Grace brought it up. I wonder what it will cost to end this version of the same problem.

The Perfect Place 3.jpg

Patrick, Have you and Chad made other films together?

Chad Farmer: Not since The Perfect Place. but we certainly will!

Patrick Elliott: Actually, Chad and I went to the same high school and only really got acquainted just before doing this project. We come from a town where film means disposable cameras.

What are the plans for the movie when it's completed?

Taylor-Grace Davis:  Well I hope we can enter a lot of film festivals and who knows from there. I would like to be able use it as a tool to speak to other teens since it is a short film.. using something dramatic to bring awareness.

It's quite an accomplishment getting these fine actors and crew to donate their time. I'd like to hear more about the characters from the actors.

Vanessa Ore: I can say that beside Social Media, networking events such as Charlotte Film Community and many others, have been a great venue to meet film folks who have a passion for making film. I met Taylor-Grace's mom, Kimberly, on set for a film some years ago and Patrick and I have auditioned together for films. When Taylor-Grace approached me about this short she and Patrick wrote, I was happy to help them in any way. I have a heart to see young independent film folks like Taylor-Grace do well and applaud her passion.

Taylor-Grace Davis: Sadie the character in the story is based on a young girl with special needs, some intellectual disability as well as some autism. Sadie represents the fact that women with disabilities and or language barriers are at a higher risk of being trafficked for a number of obvious reasons. They are also left out sometimes of the prevention education efforts that are going on around the United States.

My mom has worked with special needs children for twenty years and has heard very sad stories. One of her students was involved in a similar incident several years ago where she was being "pimped" out. As I learned more from the group I realized that this was happening more and more right under our nose.

Without giving too much away can you tell me how your character in the movie got trapped in this situation?

Taylor-Grace Davis:  Yes. We do not know all the details.  Just that the characters Mike and Lindsey move into a new place and they find her there hiding in and around their barn. There is a man who claims to be her father, but he is not.

Patrick Elliott: My character is Mike. As stated earlier, he has to deal with his apparent infertility. Lindsay was his dream girl that he had the luck of winding up with despite his own sense of unworthiness. Mike and Lindsay are struggling with their relationship as imperfect people are prone to do.

Vanessa Ore: My Characters name is Lindsay and she has somewhat of a troubled past. She fell in love with her husband Mike in college, partly because of his sense of humor and partly because he rescued her from herself. He's somewhat of a knight in shining armor to her.

When you meet Lindsay in the story, she is resentful toward Mike for moving them to a new home away from friends and family. She also has regret for not having children of her own and doesn't know how to reach out to Mike through her loneliness.

Patrick Elliott: I can relate to Mike because I think we all feel to some degree, for whatever reason, that we don't deserve anything or that we're not good enough or we're not worthy. And that is a strange conundrum that we have a world full of people worrying that other people are better than them or that other people are the ones that. have it all together

Elijah Chester.jpg

Elijah Chester: Well there's not much one can say about my character "Gus" that is redemptive. He is one of many that have no moral compass, who lives with a selfish desire and takes it out on an innocent child. It is an epidemic in our country, and he embodies that. He views "Sadie" not as a human being, let alone a child, but as property. Something he purchased and therefore has complete control to use her as he wills. It's a difficult role to play and one that I don't enjoy portraying, but I do those kinds of roles, because these stories need telling. Since there are always bad guys, someone has to step up and represent them, and I stay open for those kinds of opportunities sometimes.

The Producer approached me and asked if I would do it because Taylor who plays "Sadie" trusts me, and I immediately said yes. Of all the things you want on a set like that with a storyline such as "Perfect Place", you need an environment of trust and safety, and I knew I could provide that for her. I'm certainly not comfortable with the subject matter, but I knew she needed someone she could trust.

It was a pleasure working with them again.

The Perfect Place 4.jpg

Taylor-Grace Davis:

The best thing about this project is that everyone worked for free .. all the cast and crew

My parents fed everyone the three days we shot and they will help pay to get it in festivals unless we get some donations.

I can say that out of every film I have done at my young age (32 films, i think) that it was the best, drama free , caring, and hard working group of people I have ever worked with!

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Frederick Douglass Family Foundation

National Human Trafficking Resource Center and Hotline

Tainted Love: TV show about modern day abolitionists who are working to free victims of human trafficking.

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