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The Talented Candace Matthews Blanchard

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The southeast continues to turn out more and better independent films as each year goes by.  One of them is the upcoming Curfew directed by Richard Clark, Jr. starring Candace Blanchard and Thomas L. Beck.

In this film Candace plays a cool and collected woman who decides she wants a promotion and is willing to go the extra mile to get it by seducing her boss.  Things don't go as planned though and a night at the office turns ugly.  

Candace Blanchard
Candace Blanchard  Photo courtesy The iNDEE

"Candace is crazy talanted.  She dives head first into roles and doesn't look back.  And the end product shows it." - Richard Clark, Jr. Director of Curfew

This is a suspense thriller that was filmed primarily at The iNDEE offices in Gastonia, North Carolina.  The iNDEE houses film and music creators  as well as production companies in this part of the southeast as a studio for independent artists.

In the beginning we see Candace playing the smartly dressed Janet as she hatches her plan for moving  up the ladder in a very calm and collected fashion. She knows what she's doing. Next she is dressing more provocatively as her plan is set in motion but she runs into some trouble.  Will she survive the night?

These were some demanding scenes for Candace as this is pure acting.  Candace is nothing like the character but had to learn to  become the sly and cunning Janet.  She had to be believable in the role and it wasn't easy but she accomplished it very well.  

Scenes from Curfew
Scenes from Curfew  Photo courtesy: The iNDEE
Be sure and see the trailer for Curfew on Kickstarter where the producers are enlisting help to get the movie out to as many festivals in the coming year as possible.

Candace is also starring, along with Darren Conrad, in a new media web series called Partners as Mandy Kain.  Partners is a police drama that shows us a behind the scenes look at what goes on in the day to day lives of these two police officers.  We will be interviewing Darren and Candace about this in a few weeks so more to come on this.  Meanwhile you can find out what's in store at:
Candace Blanchard as Mandy Kain in
Candace Blanchard as Mandy Kain in "Partners" w/Darren Conrad  Photo courtesy Code7Productions

Candace was recently in the comedy The Strange and Unusual where she plays the wife of Joel (Tim Ross) who is a frustrated producer of a supernatural reality show written and directed by Anil Dhokai of Strawhouse pictures.

These movies, along with others, demonstrate Candace's rising stock in the Carolina film community.  She augments the work in motion pictures with commercial spots doing ads for local and national companies because she feels that this is the best combination to satisfy her inner artist and her pocketbook.

Below is an interview I recently had with Candace, enjoy!

What do you like most about acting?

Candace: My favorite part about acting is being able to play a character that is not me.  To be able to explore someone else's world through the eyes of the writer and director.  The ability to create art is beautiful and fulfilling.

Have you ever had a role that you turned down because you decided that 'I can't portray that character.'?

Candace: In the beginning of my career I feel I was very closed minded as to the types of characters I should/could play.  Over the past year I have learned what it feels like to let go and explore with in a role. Now, it is a pleasure to be able to explore a character that is extremely different than myself.  Not to mention, I am a competitive spirit at heart so creating that challenge gives me the opportunity to work harder.

Have you ever had a role before that was like Janet in Curfew?

Candace: A role like Janet is a dream come true.  Bringing Janet to life was the most challenging and the most rewarding role to date.

How did you prepare for that role?  Does it take time to "become" the character?

Candace: In the case of Janet it took a lot of prep.  I worked with the director and my co-star for several weeks in rehearsal before we even began shooting.  In regards to being able to play Janet, I had to become Janet.  And it took me several weeks after wrapping for Janet to leave.

Tell me a little bit of what  "Curfew" is about.

Candace: Curfew is a sexy Hitchcock style thriller where Janet Miles decides in order to advance her career she needs to seduce her boss.  A curfew has been set in the town due to two women being killed.  I guess you could say it's a be careful what you wish for meets being at the wrong place at the wrong time.

Who directed?

Candace: Richard Clark Jr

Where was it filmed?

Candace: Gastonia NC. Mostly inside The iNDEE.

What can you tell me about  The iNDEE?

Candace: The iNDEE is an independent film studio in Gastonia. The partners are Richard Clark Jr., Nathan and Kristy Kirby, and Ryen Thomas. Their goal is to produce high quality films on a low budget. They are slated to have six films this year.

What other projects have you been working on?

Candace: I am currently working on a web series called Partners. I also just shot a national commercial for a home improvement company.

What home improvement company?

Candace: I did a video training series for Home Depot and a national televised commercial for Lumber Liquidators. I have spots currently airing for Spartanburg Regional Medical Center and Asheville Healthspan.

Do you like to have a mix of commercial and artistic projects?

Candace: I think most people at my level would say commercial acting pays the bills and film acting is my passion. Commercial acting typically will pay at a much higher rate.

Are commercial jobs harder to get?

Candace: I think they're both extremely hard to book.  There are so many talented people in the market. I do book more commercial work then filI auditioned for the role of Mandy Kain in Partners. I enjoy playing Mandy Kain, she is very different from Candace Blanchard. My hope is that Mandy will resonant with all females in law enforcement. What their lives are like and how the job affects their personal life.

What brought you to acting?

Candace: I worked as a lifestyle model since high school.  In 2011 a camera man I had worked with on a commercial shoot recommended me to a director in search of casting a "mom."  I booked the role and caught the "Acting Bug"  I love it!

What characteristics must a person possess to do well as an actor?

Candace: I think a person must be fearless and uninhabited.

You were Mrs. North Carolina. What kind of doors did that open for you?

Candace: It gave me exposure.  I am a very competitive person with an advertising background.  I used both of those to make the title a lot more than most winners.  Marketing yourself in this business is key.  It is a business and I am the commodity.

I agree.  Do you have any tips on what's most effective as an actor in marketing your talent? 

Candace: I think if you treat it as a business instead of booking jobs.  marketing, training and building client relationships.

What's the best way to build those relationships?  Going to meetings, getting your feet wet by doing roles for little or no pay, what?

Candace:  I think it is different for everyone.  You have to find what works for you as an artist.

What worked for you?

Candace: I worked every connection, every lead, and went to as many events as possible. I think you can't be above doing "free" work when you are starting.  You can't replace working in front of the camera.  It's valuable experience and a great way to learn.

Acting classes.  I know they're great for learning the craft, but do they also lead you to 
contacts for jobs?

Candace: I think every actor should be in class.  At all times.  We have to hone our craft.  Not sure the classes dirrectly lead to work as far as contacts, but it is a must in my opinion.

So it's keep honing your abilities and doing the auditions as often as you can, right?

Candace: Correct.

What's next for Candace Blanchard?

Candace: Auditions and hopefully continued bookings.I hope to continue to be a part of the iNDEE  family.

We certainly hope  you continue being a fixture of indie scene here in the southeast and it's been a pleasure talking with you.

Candace: Thank you so much Dan!

Learn more about Candace at:

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Curfew  Photo courtesy The iNDEE