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The Mineola Twins

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MineolaTwins.jpgCongratulations to the cast and crew of The Mineola Twins playing now through Sunday at Winthrop University as a part of Rock Hill's Come See Me Week.

It is a story of two young women, identical twins, who long to leave Mineola for bigger things.  Riley Ketchum shines playing the parts of both Myrna and Myra. Bridgette Smith has a strong and comical performance as Jim in the first acts and Sarah in the latter part of the play. Not to be outdone, Rodrick Freitas is outstanding as Kenny and Ben.  

The play starts out with Jenn Fant as The Voice who hauntingly narrates the dream sequences that appear throughout the play. Her and the ensemble: Sydney Bertsch, Jesse Pritchard, Nora Webb, and LaShawn Woolridge illustrate what's happening in the dream sequences as well as appearing as individual characters later in the play.

This is  a comedy with a serious subtext to it covering the periods from the Eisenhower era to the Nixon and Bush Sr. administrations.  Myra and Myrna are as different as night and day and are never in agreement as siblings sometimes are.  No one is perfect though as you will learn.  

There were many sets used throughout the play that were well designed with a modern look while being  simple and effective at projecting the style of the play and being the perfect backdrop for the performers.  The sound design and lighting emphasized what was happening onstage very well and the acoustics and sound in the auditorium was spectacular.  This helped create the magic of The Mineola Twins.


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Romeo at Juliet's Deathbed

Romeo at Juliet's Deathbed (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Romeo & Juliet: Eternal Love is will debut in Miami, Florida on May 15 thru 17th in the BankUnited Center at the University of Miami.  It promises to be unlike any other production of Romeo & juliet in it's modern approach and use of holography in the presentation.

They are looking for both English and Spanish singers with great skills along with the ability to read sheet music.

Available Roles:

Romeo: Montague's son, age 18-30. Tenor. Great stage presence. Inclination for acting and performing, and with outstanding singing skills.

Juliet: Capulet's daughter, age 18-30. Soprano. Great stage presence. Inclination for acting and performing, and with outstanding singing skills.

Mercutio: Romeo's friend, age 18-30. Tenor with vibrant vocal skills. Inclination for acting and good gesturing.

Tybalt: Juliet's cousin, age 18-35. Baritone.

Juliet's Nurse: age 30-50. Mezzo-soprano

Friar Laurence: high priest of a church in Verona, age 25-35. Baritone.

Lady Capulet: Juliet's mother, age 25-35. Mezzo-soprano.

Capulet: Juliet's father, age 40-50. Bass.

Uncle Capulet: Capulet's brother, age 40-50. Bass.
Map of South Carolina highlighting Greenville ...

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Acting classes for adullts and kids/teens being February 5th at Jade Castle Studios in Greenville, South Carolina.  The classes are limited to 10 students and you must register by January 31st.

Taught by veteran actor  Ron Joseph.

Wednesday Feburary 5th thru April 23rd at Jade Castle Studios.
6:00 pm - 9:00 pm

More information at:
One of Tweetsie Railroad's two steam locomotiv...

One of Tweetsie Railroad's two steam locomotives, 2-8-2 #190, on May 20th, 2007. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Tweetsie Railroad, located between Boone and Blowing Rock, North Carolina, is seeking entertainers for their 2014 season.

They are needing singers, dancers, actors, equestrians, magicians, and specialty acts.

2014 Local Auditions
January 25 & 26
9:00 am Registration / Auditions begin at 10:00 am
I.G. Greer Hall
Appalachian State University
401 Academy Street
Boone, NC


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KiraBursky by Abbey Sacks.jpg
Photo and Makeup by Abbey Sacks

Meme Simmons Loves Theatre

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Meme Simmons HS1.jpgThe theatre is something special.  Meme Simmons knows that.  She was drawn to it as a child.  First singing in the choir at age four then performing in high school plays for five years since she did her first musical with the high school when she was still in the eighth grade.

From high school she went straight to college in New York City.  Eventually landing roles in off-broadway productions and touring companies.

Now she's back in her hometown bringing her theatrical talent to the people of Jacksonville, North Carolina.  Here she has established Debbie's Angels Productions to produce shows and teach acting with the help of her relatives and friends.

In Jacksonville she has helped produce a musical at Southwest High School and directed theatre classes for the city's Parks and Recreation Department.  Debbie's Angels produced a musical called Broadway After Dark last year and has plans for two more adult performances this year and one for kids.

Christopher and Kayli Tolleson: A Family Affair

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ChristopherKayli.jpgKayli and Christopher Tolleson may not be old enough to drive, but they are driven!  This brother and sister are prepared to take the acting world by storm!   Kayli, after hitting the scene about 3 years ago, has been in one thing after another. Which of course makes Mom and Dad very happy, but also sends them into planning-mode. Taking care of the details.

With one gig here, another there, these kids are quickly making it known, we're here, we're amazing, and you're going to love us! 

In this interview, the whole family opens up about what it takes to get started in the film/print/stage industry at a young age. Dave and Janna explain what it takes for parents to make their child's dream happen, and also keep that special bond that is family. It is very clear from the time I spent with them, this family means show business!


Joe Burnette.jpg
Ghost Light Productions is the first professional theatrical production company in Rock Hill, South Carolina.  Their first production will be In the Spirit of Christmas coming in December.  The shows executive producer is Joe Burnette, an actor who studied at Playhouse West.  Catherine Allen, who we wrote about in Cahterine Allen Does Fillm and Fashion is co-producer and an actor as well. 

Good luck with Ghost Light Productions and I hope everyone in the Charlotte, NC/Rock Hill, SC areas will show their support for your company and In the Spirit of Christmas.

Bring your family and come celebrate the holidays with Ghost Light Productions as it presents, In the Spirit of Christmas, a feel good show the way Christmas was long ago.


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At the Carolina Theatre in Durham, NC

Robert Filion - Carolina Theatre.jpg

Jackson Ross.jpgJackson Ross is equally at home on screen or in the theatre, having taken to the stage in plays such as Midsummer Night's Dream, and Oedipus Rex.  A busy man, he has worn may  hats such as  film producer, director, writer, as well as being an actor.  In some of the films he's involved in, Jackson often plays the cop or wiseguy but he also likes roles that challenge his range.

Originally from Kinston, North Carolina he wound up in Miami via Minnesota.  In Minneapolis he had his first brush with movies while working as an extra in Drop Dead Gorgeous.  That's when he first  became interested in film.  While still in Minnesota Jackson produced films of both stage plays and screenplays.   He also met his wife Karuna Sun when she auditioned for a film he was working on.

From Minneapolis they headed to Miami where Karuna was urged to come for modeling work.  Jackson's first job in Florida  was playing a Russian thug in Burn Notice.  Ready to go anywhere he's looking to come back to North Carolina for some of the productions springing up in the area.   Here is a conversation with Jackson about where acting has taken him.


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kristy Marett.jpg

English: Michael Buble walks the Red Carpet at...

Image by Dallas Bittle via Wikipedia

Kristy Marett is a singer, entertainer, and owner of Arts and Expressions - One Place For All Your Artistic Expressions! 

Michael Buble

Q:        Who has extraordinary musical talent, extraordinary good looks, extraordinary stage-presence as well as world renown, an extraordinary talent for turning classics into ultra-modern, an extraordinarily diverse fan-base, AND just came out with a Christmas album?

A:        YES! Michael Buble!


(Okay.... Big swoon!)


Michael Buble... he's the one with the silky voice, the one that hushes all women's conversations the moment one of his songs comes over the radio, the one who sells out every venue he books worldwide, the one who has the very best, youngest and hottest musicians around, both in studio and in his music videos... he's he one! (Move OVER, Frank Sinatra!)

children's day

Image by M@rg via Flickr

Considering allowing you child become a paid actor?  Make sure it's for the right reason.  Most child actors don't make very much money.  If the child is genuinely interested in acting and has a desire to learn, it can be a good thing.  

.It has it's costs too.  Headshots and acting classes aren't cheap.   If your child likes to act and you can support them in their interest the benefits can make it worthwhile.  Acting can help round them out intellectually, emotionally, and prepare them for situations later in life.  Just don't overdo it.

Read this article by Sarah Lindenfeld Hall that has a video of Terri Dollar of Kids Unlimited Talent Agency in Raleigh, North Carolina speaking about the subject.  Terri gives some good advice on what to expect and what to watch out for when your child becomes involved in acting.


Auditions - Rock Hill, SC

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The Edge Theatre Company will be auditioning for several productions coming up.

Director Jimmy Chrismon will be hosting auditions for Vortex on August 7 at 2 PM and August 9 at 6 PM.  The roles needed are: 2 men in their 20's or 30's. 

South Pointe High School
801 Neely Road
Rock Hill, SC  29730

Contact Jimmy Chrismon at or 803-389-6761.

The Rocky Horror Show
will also need actors of all shapes and sizes! Auditions will also be at South Pointe High School on August 21 at 2 PM and August 23 at 6 PM.

The following roles are available:

Usherette (Soprano)
Usherette (Alto)
Usherette (Tenor)
4-6 Phantoms
Criminologist (Narrator)
Janet Weiss
Brad Majors
Riff Raff
Frank N. Furter
Rocky (the creature)
Eddie (the delivery boy)
Dr. Everett Scott

Actors must be over 18.  For more information, visit
Alexz Johnson in a photoshoot picture taken fo...

Headshot of Alexz Johnson (Image by Geniusd402  via Wikipedia)

Looking to get an acting job?  You must have a good headshot and acting resume'.   Here are a couple of clips about each.  

When it comes to headshots there are two different camps.  One that says that the image should be plain and simple so the director or casting agent can see you as a blank slate and project the role onto you.  The other says that they can change your look and what the director wants to know is who is this person and what their personality is like.  

In fhte first clip Chris Frampton, a commercial photographer,  shows some examples of headshots and explains the need to project your persoality in your headshots.

The second clip is about the basics of writing a resume' from actor and writer Richard Rifkin.

Chicago Theater

Image by TonyTheTiger at en.wikipedia via Wikipedia

Acting Studio Chicago is holding a 3 day weekend class on auditioning skills.

  • On Camera Class
  • Voiceover Class
  • Monologue Class
  • Cold Reading Class
  • Chicago Market discussion with Dawn Gray from Gray Talent Group and Lindsay Glickstein from Grossman Jack Talent.
  • Wine and Cheese Networking

Audition Skills Workshop
Friday August 19th - Sunday August 21st
Acting Studio Chicago
10 W. Hubbard Street, Suite 2E
Chicago, IL 60654

More information:



The Tony Awards

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Neil Patrick Harris - CBS Comedies Premiere Pa...

Neil Patrick Harris (Image by Kristin Dos Santos via Wikipedia)

Last Sunday, The Tony Awards, hosted by Neil Patrick Harris put on a show.  And who better to put on a show than the top Broadway actors of the day.

And the winner please...
  • Best Play - War Horse
  • Best Musical - The Book of Mormon
  • Best Original Score - The Book of Mormon
  • Best Revival of a Play - The Normal Heart
  • Best Revival of a Musical - Anything Goes
  • Best Performance by a Leading Actor in a Play - Mark Rylance in Jerusalem
  • Best Performance by a Leading Actress in a Play - Frances McDormand in Good People
  • Best Performance by a Leading Actor in a Musical - Norbert Leo Butz in Catch Me If You Can
  • Best Performance by a Leading Actress in a Musical - Sutton Foster in Anything Goes
  • Best Direction of a Play - Marianne Elliott and Tom Morris for War Horse
  • Best Direction of a Musical - Casey Nicholaw and Trey Parker for The Book of Mormon
  • Best Choreography - Kathleen Marshall for Anything Goes
  • and the list goes on...

VFS Acting for Film & Television Monologue Com...

Image by vancouverfilmschool via Flickr

Johnny Rambler Productions is holding a workshop for writers and actors in Charlotte, NC this weekend.

Who is this for and what will I get?
  • For writers and actors at any stage of craft
  • Writing exercises on preparing a personal monologue
  • Critique, discussion, and edit suggestions
  • Writers can sharpen character and story development skills
  • Actors gain understanding of emotional and story elements of a character and have a  personl monologue for auditioning.

Workshop A
Saturday, May 21st - 9:00 am to 12:30 pm
Sunday, May 22nd - 12:30 pm to 2:00 pm

Workshop B
Saturday, May 21st - 1:00 pm to 4:30 pm
Sunday, May 22nd - 2:30 pm to 4:00 pm

The Actors Lab
136 36th Street
Charlotte, NC 28205


More Info:


Some interesting thoughts on working a day job and being a filmmaker in this article by Nicky Cornelison.  This applies to musicians and actors as well.