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This is BIG!

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Big - Behind the Scenes 1.jpg

To produce Big co-directors Kira Bursky and Wayne Culpepper have gone small.  Using only themselves as both cast and crew they have created a dark comedy musical for the Charlotte 48 Hour Film Project.  The film will be shown this Thursday at the McGlohon Theater in Charlotte, NC.

I don't quite know what this is going to be about but it appears from the trailer that a fellow who want's to make it big is going to get some help from his tiny companion.  Kira is leaving me to wonder until the film has been released.

This began as project when they entered the 48 Hour Film Project in Charlotte and drew the category "Dark Comedy".  As if dark and comedy with a two person team wasn't enough they decided to make it a musical dark comedy.  Why not?  Everyone likes a challenge right?

Big - Behind the Scenes 6.jpg

Kira said "Prior to this past 48 Hour Film Festival, I had competed in the Asheville 48 Hour Film Festival 5 times, 4 of those times with Wayne. Each time we had a crew of 15-20 people. Don't get me wrong- I LOVED working with all of those amazing individuals. But, Wayne and I thought: hey, how about we try competing in the 48 Hour Film Festival with a two person team? And once that idea was in our heads, there was no turning back! So this past weekend we did it! We co-directed and co-starred. We drew out of the hat Dark Comedy... making it my 3rd dark comedy in a row! But to add 
on another challenge, we decided to make it a musical dark comedy. It was a crazy weekend of composing music, filming, green screening, and following our intuition!"

There is some talk of making it a web series also. We'll just have to wait and see.

Big - Behind the Scenes 7.jpg
When I asked about how it felt to be working with only each other to rely on for direction and acting she said "It was both freeing and exciting! This was the first time I acted in one of my films. Wayne and I were talking to one another about how if we had had a whole crew there on set, we wouldn't have been so uninhibited. Since we are so comfortable around each other we were able to really have fun and  feel free to fully dive into our characters. It was also nice for me to have the opportunity to be cinematographer for one of my films. Normally when I have a full crew every position is filled, but because it was the two of us we got to truly do a little bit of everything! It was fun being able to explore all forms of art with this film. And it's also nice to share this film with Wayne because we get to both experience the joys of making something together!"

Big - Behind the Scenes 3.jpg
Big - Behind the Scenes 2.jpg

Big - Behind the Scenes 4.jpg

Another film that Kira recently completed is called Demons in Disguise about a young girl who has a plan to secretly get even with her compulsive, constantly cleaning, mother because she won't allow a sleepover with her friend. This is an All Around Artsy production created as a submission to Project Greenlight.

DemonsInDisguise 1.jpg
Aislin Frey Pax, Kira Bursky, and Faye Foley   Photo Credit: Zane Logan

Project Greenlight is a TV series created by Ben Affleck and Matt Damon where filmmakers can submit a 3 minute film and if your film is chosen you can appear on the series where you are documented as you make your first feature film with a multi-million dollar budget.

Kira told me this film was done with a RED camera which is a very nice high resolution camera but is very expensive so I was curious as to how she got access to one. "My Director of Photography, Brad Hoover, was my first ever film teacher. I took a year long, once a week film class with him in Greenville, SC at the Carolina FIlm Institute. Four years later, he DPed this film for me. He is one of my best friends and has taught me so much. Goodness, he's truly the best! He is the amazing individual who secured us the Red. Also, cool story: I met Wayne Culpepper (the guy I co-directed / co-starred with for Big, and the Producer/Assistant Director for Demons in Disguise) in this very film class! Thanks again, Brad Hoover!"

Brad Hoover, Kira Bursky, Wayne Culpepper.jpg
Brad Hoover, Kira Bursky, Wayne Culpepper

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