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Tiger Lili - A Screenplay by Brandi Alyssa Young

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Tiger Lili is a new screenplay by Brandi Alyssa Young set to become a short film sometime next year. A story about a young woman named Lili Jackson who has endured domestic violence and how she emerges from her troubled past. Produced by Baystar Productions, filming will begin at the end of this year. They are still casting for the male lead and crew members.  

Brandi is an accomplished actor and has several films to her credit as well as theatre, dance, and singing.  See her credits at IMDb.com:  Brandi Alyssa Young  She was nominated for Best Performance in a Short Film - Young Actress at the  Young Artist Awards in Los Angeles for her performance in Broken Pieces where she plays an autistic girl.  Brandi also worked on the script and acted in The Silver Key co-written with her mother Sally Young and Patricia Raven.

I talked with Brandi this morning and here's what she had to say about the screenplay.

"It is a short about a girl who has been abused and she finally decides that enough is enough, and she is ultimately the one that can change things. She refuses to be meek and quiet any longer and is determined to make the negative into a positive. So, she makes a decision that sets her on a path that will eventually bring her to her destiny." 

What was her inspiration?  It seems that it came as an idea that was cast aside at a 48 Hour Film Project session. Writing it was a stream of consciousness, if you will, where everything came easily and time flew by..

"A few weeks ago, I was involved with the 48 Hour Film Project again. And this story came from a combination of ideas we had during the brainstorming session.  The screenwriter decided on another path, but I couldn't stop thinking about everything. And I was so inspired, after being up for all that time, drove 3 hours home and I sat down and wrote half of it in 3 hours and then died from exhaustion, then first thing when I awoke wrote for another 3 hours and there was Tiger Lili! It just flowed out of me, one of the easiest stories I have ever written."

Roles already cast:
Brandi Alyssa Young: Lili Jackson. 
Tim Ross: Tom Jackson. Lili's abusive drunkard father. 
Vanessa Ore: Jenna Jackson. Lili's mother that died of breast cancer. 
Kayli Maree Tolleson: Young Lili Jackson. 
Darren Conrad: Officer Johnson. Gives Lili some "bad news." 
Tara Lynne Marcelle: Jada. Tattoo apprentice. 
Jennifer Russoli: Abused woman featured in the end of the film.

They are still casting for the male lead, Jake Bentley.  You need to be 18-25 to play this 20 year old character.  Any ethnic background is ok but you need to have strong acting abilities and must know some kind of martial arts.  Tattoos on arms preferred but not required.  Filming will be in the Charlotte, NC vicinity.

Visit Brandi at her Facebook page:  Brandi Alyssa Young
or message her on Twitter: http://twitter.com/actressbrandi