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Tommy Faircloth and Dorchester's Revenge: The Return of Crinoline Head

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Tommy Faircloth.jpgCrinoline Head is a1995 film by Tommy Faircloth about what happens at a remote cabin where a group of college students have gone for a weekend of fun.  That is until they learn about what had previously happened in that cabin involving a young boy and his dollmaking mother.

That film has been very popular and it was just recently that Tommy came up with an idea to expand on the theme.  The result is Dorchester's Revenge: The Return of Crinoline Head.

I first encountered one of Tommy's films, The Cabin, earlier this year. It was filmed in the Carolinas and Tennessee on a very tight schedule and budget starring Morgan Monnig and Jason Vail along with Robert Zobel as producer and Shelby Washburn as production assistant.  I was very impressed with what they were able to do in such a short time frame in addition to the travel time between locations that was required and the quality of the work they produced.

Tommy describes Dorchester's Revenge as not a sequel to the original Crinoline Head but more of a prequel.  A premiere in Charleston, South Carolina is planned for next weekend followed by some outtakes from the movie, questions and answers, then an opportunity for autographs and photos with the cast.  Next, a night on the town with celebrations at The Rooftop at Vendue Inn for drinks, and later still at Pantheon to see local drag performers Ava Clear and Vega perform.  Ava and Vega are also part of the cast of Dorchester's Revenge.

Below you can see trailers from the original Crinoline Head.  The Cabin, and the new trailer for Dorchester's Revenge along with the conversation I had with Tommy about his films and filmmaking. 

Enjoy, and if you can make it to Charleston next weekend treat yourself to an exciting night of fun and film.

Here is a trailer from the original Crinoline Head.

What fascinated you about film and led to you becoming a director?

I think I have always enjoyed "directing" as long as I can remember.  I used to get all my cousins and kids [that] my mom would babysit and make them act out roles so I could record them on a cassette player when I was like 10.  We would act out Willy Wonka or Mommy Dearest and take turns beating each other...which I guess led to my love of horror.  In high school when camcorders first came out I began experimenting with shooting stories...actually Crinoline Head was a 5 min short I shot in high school.   I just kept the title until I actually shot in on film in 1995/96.  I thought I wanted to be an actor and did that for a while, but I felt more comfortable...and more in control...behind the camera.

Now you are revisiting Crinoline Head again with Dorchester's Revenge.  Unfinished business?

Yes.  Crinoline Head was the first film I ever did and per most slashers, it leaves the door open for a sequel.  But this new film is less of a sequel and more like a prequel/reboot.  It does not require that you see the first film, but hopefully it will spark your interest to go and seek out the first one.  

There are some hard core fans of the original Crinoline Head and I think they will be happy.  I have lots of throwbacks in Dorchester's Revenge to Crinoline Head and a lot of that same type of humor. 

Richard Abbott who played Crinoline Head in the original joked with me last year about making a sequel which I laughed off, but then later thought of a good way to make it a new film, incorporating elements and a few characters...those who lived...from the first film.

There is another project that I want to do, but I knew I had to do Dorchester's Revenge first.  One, I knew that Dorchester's Revenge could be produced cheaper than the other project I want to do.  And two, I knew I would be utilizing crowdfunding, and since this is my first attempt at that, I figured I would raise less the first time. Hopefully people will see what I can do with limited funds, and that will help me with my next project.  

The Cabin...was a launching ground for gaining some new followers to get Dorchester's Revenge done, and so hopefully with Dorchester's Revenge I will gain some new fans to help me with my next project.

I saw The Cabin and understand it was filmed on a very short schedule.  Wasn't it something like 3 days?  I was surprised at the craftsmanship that resulted in such a short time and small crew.  Can your tell me about that process and who helped you?

We actually shot it in two full days.  It was me and my producer Robert Zobel.  That's it.  And actually on the first day, Robert was not available until the evening, so the girl who played the missing girl in the poster and the voice on the phone was my crew.  So it was never more than 4 people.  And we started in South Carolina, and then drove to Tennessee, and back to North Carolina during filming. 

We shot in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park and my cast, Jason Vail and Morgan Monnig, also helped drag equipment up and down trails.  Even the crane we used.  It was a really fast shoot.

It turned out very well.  I guess the budget remained near what you expected?

We had no budget. I fed and put up my the cabin of course but it was a gamble to see if it would go anywhere.  We ended up doing great on the festival circuit and even for picked up for cable broadcast by Shorts International.

You are going to have a red carpet premiere of Dorchchester's Revenge in Charleston, South Carolina next weekend.  It looks like you've pulled out all the stops with the premiere and after parties. 

Yes!  Well one, as part of our crowd funding campaign, some of the levels got backer's invites to the premiere, so I had to do one for sure.  Also, we are doing this in conjunction with our Crimson Screen Horror Film Fest, as an off season premiere as well.  Plus this will be a premiere for the entire cast and anyone who worked on the film.  

We plan on showing the film and some out takes.  We will then introduce the cast, do a Q&A, and then have photo ops on the red carpet with our step and repeat.  We will also be selling full size movie posters to help raise funds for festivals and we begin touring Dorchester's Revenge. This would be a great time to pick one up as you can get the whole cast to sign it.  

After the premiere we will move over to The Rooftop at Vendue Inn for drinks, and later that night we will be going to Pantheon to see local drag performers Ava Clear and Vega perform, who are both in Dorchester's Revenge. It's going to be a great time.  

The public is invited as well. (there is a FB invite page).  Those who have their VIP laminates from the Crimson Screen Horror Film Fest get in half price.  Everyone else is $20.

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