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The Hinson Girls

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As a performer, your job is to entertain. No matter how much a virtuoso you are on your instrument it doesn't mean a thing if you are unable to entertain your audience.

The Hinson Girls succeed at both of these things. Playing a combination of bluegrass and gospel each member can hold their own in a room full of pickers. A young band, ranging from 15 to 20 years old, all sisters. Katelyn, Allison, Melissa, and and Kristin.

What sets them apart is their ability to have fun and draw the audience into their performance. Kristin, the oldest sister takes charge here. Telling stories about her siblings and sometimes poking a little fun at them as well. She also carries on a conversation with the audience asking them to clap, hoot, or holler for the best solo performance between each sister.  The winner, in this case, is which one gets to choose where to stop for desert on the way back home. That and the music all combine into a very fun evening.

Managed by their mother and father, they are very professional in every way. They are also very popular. Bookings are abundant. On this day they had performed early in the day at a festival in New London, North Carolina before coming to The McElvey Center in York, South Carolina for two evening sets. After the concert there was a meet and greet with the audience at their merchandise table to top the night off. A friendly gesture that they and their fans all enjoyed.

The Hinson Girls are the act to catch if you can. Check out their schedule here: