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Kira Bursky's Tree Hugger - Online Premiere

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Kira is very generous with her time whether it is exposing new talent in her cast and crew or calling attention to social issues in the films she creates.

When I asked her about why she takes on these subjects here is what she told me.  

"It's so hard for me to answer this question because I have so many things to say about this! But, simply put:  I am drawn towards telling stories about things that make me uncomfortable. If I feel uncomfortable about a topic... then I must make a film about it! 

These social issues become synonymous for taboo issues. I feel so passionately opposed to allowing this pattern to continue. So this is why when I feel uncomfortable. I know that I need to say something. If I don't, I am contributing to this culture of being quiet about things that make us uncomfortable. I think it is my duty as an artist to address topics that are 'hush hush.' In my work (just to name a few of the topics) I've dealt with depression, sexuality, warped body image, and now sexual assault and abusive relationships-- these are all topics that are hard to talk about. But we need to talk about these things! If one person lets down their guard and tells their story, who knows who will be listening and touched by the honesty. It can start a chain reaction of recreating this culture of taboo to a culture of free voices and open arms. I believe I, as well as every other human being, should feel comfortable expressing themselves, even if expressing themselves means talking about something scary or seemingly 'shameful.' That word 'shameful' should not be tied to those who are suffering or have been abused. No one should be embarrassed, guilty, or ashamed.

I guess that wasn't really simply put. But I'll try this once more: I often choose social issues because I need to address them. I just need to."

Filmmaking is her passion and she has modest budgets for the quality of films she delivers.  If you're not already familiar with her skills please check out some of the links below and acquaint yourself with her work.  There are many fine examples on Vimeo such as Bye Bye Lullaby, Girly, Clean, Sleepyhead, and Fool's Paradise.

Tree Hugger is fresh off it's worldwide film festival tour and is scheduled for an online premiere on Saturday.  If you would like to see the film, then click on the link below which will take you to a Facebook invitation page where you can login to Facebook and select "Going" and you will be notified on Saturday when the online premiere begins with the link you will need to view it.

*** Remember to login to Facebook and select "Going" just 
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These are exciting times for Kira Bursky.  A prolific director as well as singer/songwriter/composer Kira is always taking on subjects of social interest or controversy.  Her films have been shown all over the world and even took her to the White House for a screening where she met President Barack Obama along with Bill NyeKal Penn, and Neil deGrasse Tyson.

Tree Hugger is about Clara (Thatcher Johnson-Weldon), a young high school student who is involved with an older boy, Leo (Jack Fulghum), who takes advantage of her.  There is an admirer looking out for her though in Cody (Sam Bible-Sullivan).

If you are a fan of Kira's work like I am, you've seen the way she can pull the elements together to create a sense of fantasy in the stories she writes.  I imagine this will be no exception as Clara has a relationship with an evil tree in this tale and cannot see the proverbial forest for the tree.

As usual Kira is putting together a team of experienced filmmakers to help her with the task.  Wayne Culpepper will be the Assistant Director.  Wayne and Kira have often worked together and currently do a web serices call Absurducopia which is a satirical musical comedy series on topics of the day.

Paul Lewis Anderson will be the cinematographer on this one.  Paul has an interesting background as he setup the style guide which Moog Music uses in producing their videos and has worked with many well-known artists while producing their videos.

Another partner in crime is Bradley D.P. Hoover as Gaffer & Assistant Cameraman.  Brad, a teacher at Carolina Film Institute in Greenville, SC has done it all with decades of experience in feature films, shorts, music videos, name it.  

Adding an international flair to the production will be Nicolas Martin as Composer.  Now living in Spain Nicolas hails from Averyon, France.  He is able to handle everything from minimalist scores to orchestral arrangements in his studio and has recorded for companies like Peugeot and Disneyland Paris.

Tree Hugger - Trailer from Kira Bursky on Vimeo.