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Will Black's "Good Luck"

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Will Black.png
Will Black's latest production is a series that explores a situation where a young girl who is a gun runner must make one last transaction before she can wash her hands of organized crime. Coming to VHX.TV this Friday.

Hannah Wright 2.png

Hannah Wright stars as Elizabeth, a gun runner who is tired of the business and must fight for her survival.

"Will is genuine and that is the best part about working with him. He's open to ideas and flexible for everyone's comfortability. I'm not afraid to include my own opinion or ideas when we work together and he is happy to listen. Not to mention he takes good care of all of the cast on set. He makes sure we have food and water and actually cares about our comfort. You can really see his creativity come through within the script too. He's respectful to his cast and picked us according to personality to mesh well with the characters he wanted to come to life and he hit the nail on the head. Will has been a pleasure to work with. and will be in the future." - Hanna Wright - Actress

The series is being shot in Jackson, Tennessee and most of the cast and crew are from Tennessee. Cast includes Hanna Wright, Katie Pavao, Derek Conquest, Michael LaCour, Lantonio Jackson, Ali Merki, and Troy Compas.

Kimberly Dawn in A Father's Love

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Kimberly Dawn 4 (2).jpg
Kimberly Dawn (also known as Kimberly Hester Huffstetler) is an actor from Gastonia, North Carolina who has been in the business for about two years. In that short amount of time she has been a part of many productions, both big and small , working on some 60 sets here in the southeast.

One of those movies is Darren Conrad's A Father's Love which is currently in production. Here's what Darren had to say about her.

"Kimberly Dawn and I have been good friends for several years!  She has always been so kind and supportive of my work as an actor and filmmaker.  As Kim became interested in the craft of acting, I started noticing her work and how professional she comes across both promoting herself and others.  After Kim worked with me as Featured Background on The Kill Switch and Partners, I felt it was time to see her in action as a Principal Character.  When I started writing A Father's Love, something about the way she speaks and the way she looks became my vision for 'Nurse Millie'.  In shooting her scenes on Sunday, November 8, 2015, Kimberly showed me she can hold her own.  She is very natural, organic, and soft spoken.  She definitely has a 'Niche'.  I was so proud of her on this film and will definitely consider her for other projects I write in my future.  She is a very sweet, compassionate, and caring woman.  'A GREAT FRIEND and HARD WORKER!'"

I had a chance to speak with Kimberly this past fall to learn more about what she is doing. See the interview below to learn more about her and some of the movies she's participated in and the directors she has worked with.

Lock and Roll by Will Black

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Will Black.jpg
Will Black
Lock and Roll is not your typical skateboard movie.  This is Will Black's first film, having jumped into filmmaking head first in order to tell this story.

The story of Treaven Mitchell, a skateboarder from Jackson Tennessee who lost his father, a Marine veteran, in a mindless robbery.  Treaven, who operated his skate shop out of part of his father's locksmith business, had to learn to cope with his father's death. The bond they had is evident throughout the piece as he remembers his father, Troy Mitchell, and how supportive he was in helping Treaven and the rest of his family.

In the end, Treaven comments on the importance of holding on to what you love and who you love. Wise words indeed!

Below is the trailer for the movie and my conversation with Will where he explains what motivated him to make it.  
Tommy Faircloth.jpgCrinoline Head is a1995 film by Tommy Faircloth about what happens at a remote cabin where a group of college students have gone for a weekend of fun.  That is until they learn about what had previously happened in that cabin involving a young boy and his dollmaking mother.

That film has been very popular and it was just recently that Tommy came up with an idea to expand on the theme.  The result is Dorchester's Revenge: The Return of Crinoline Head.

I first encountered one of Tommy's films, The Cabin, earlier this year. It was filmed in the Carolinas and Tennessee on a very tight schedule and budget starring Morgan Monnig and Jason Vail along with Robert Zobel as producer and Shelby Washburn as production assistant.  I was very impressed with what they were able to do in such a short time frame in addition to the travel time between locations that was required and the quality of the work they produced.

Tommy describes Dorchester's Revenge as not a sequel to the original Crinoline Head but more of a prequel.  A premiere in Charleston, South Carolina is planned for next weekend followed by some outtakes from the movie, questions and answers, then an opportunity for autographs and photos with the cast.  Next, a night on the town with celebrations at The Rooftop at Vendue Inn for drinks, and later still at Pantheon to see local drag performers Ava Clear and Vega perform.  Ava and Vega are also part of the cast of Dorchester's Revenge.

Below you can see trailers from the original Crinoline Head.  The Cabin, and the new trailer for Dorchester's Revenge along with the conversation I had with Tommy about his films and filmmaking. 

Enjoy, and if you can make it to Charleston next weekend treat yourself to an exciting night of fun and film.

Bonnaroo 2012 Music & Arts Festival

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Tickets go on sale this weekend for the Bonnaroo 2012 Music & Arts Festival. The festival will be held on a 700 acre farm in Manchester, Tennessee June 7th through June 10th.  

Bonnaroo Music Festival

Image by Shawn Mariani via Wikipedia

Auditions: Glee - Oxygen Channel

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Lady GaGa performing at New York City for radi...

Image by davidwhitewolf via Wikipedia

Open calls for the popular Oxygen Channel show, Glee today and tomorrow in Nashville Tennessee.  This weekend in New York City.

November 9th and 10th
10:00 am - 6:00 pm
Nashville Convention Center
West Exhibit Hall
1st and 2nd Floors
601 Commerce Street
Nashville, Tennessee

New York City
November 12th and 13th
10:00 am - 6:00 pm
Roy Arias Studios and Theaters
3rd, 4th, 5th & 6th Floors
300 West 43rd Street
New York, New York

Promotional photo of Boris Karloff from The Br...

Public Domain Image via Wikipedia

Monsters needed for Halloween season at Haunted Cavern in Chattanooga, Tennessee and Forest of Fear in nearby Flintstone, Georgia.


Ruby Falls Hounted Cavern
Application Deadline Monday, October 1st

Apply in person
Ruby Falls
1720 South Scenic Highway
Chattannooga, Tennessee

Forest of Fear - Blowing Screams Farms
Tuesday, September 6th
7:30 pm
Cjhattanooga Theatre Center
Circle Lobby
400 River Street
Chattanooga, Tennessee

See this article for more information:

Cover of a 1911 publication of The Secret Garden

Public Domain Image via Wikipedia

Auditions for The Secret Garden will be held later this month by the Milligan College Theatre Department.  The musical by Marsha Norman and Lucy Simon will be performed October 28th through October 30th.  It is based on the novel by France Hadgson Burnett.

The community is welcome to audition for the musical and will have roles ranging from 10 years old and up.

Be prepared with a piece of music no longer than 16 bars and memorized.  An accompanist will be provided.

Monday, August 29th and Tuesday August 30th
7:00 pm
Milligan College
Gregory Center for the Liberal Arts
Milligan College, Tennessee

Dr. Elkins 423.461.3513


Auditions: The Voice - NBC

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Harry Belafonte 1954

Public Domain Image by Library of Congress via Wikipedia

The Voice, an NBC talent competition series for singers, is auditioning for next season.  Auditions can be performed live throughout the country at the venues listed below or you can submit an audition video.  They are looking for solo and duo acts that perform in most of the popular genres such as pop, rock, hip-hop, R&B, alternative, blues, country, indie, latin,etc...

Coaches for the broadcast are Cee Lo Green, Christina Aguilera, Blake Shelton, and Adam Levine.

  • Please prepare two (2) songs for your open call audition. You may not perform both, but have them ready.
  • A cappella ONLY. No background tracks, accompaniment or instruments will be allowed at the open call audition.
  • Songs can be by artist and from any genre (pop, rock, R&B, hip-hop, alternative, latin, country, blues, indie)
  • Family, friends, managers, vocal instructors, etc. will NOT be allowed at the audition.
  • If you are a minor, one (1) parent or guardian will be allowed with you at the audition.
  • If you are disabled or a special needs artist, you will be allowed to bring one (1) person to the auditions to assist you.
  • We are judging you on your VOICE. Come dressed in a style that represents you as an artist. Do NOT come in "chicken costumes." We are looking for serious artists ONLY.

New York, NY - July 22/23
Izod Center, 50 State Route 120, ast Rutherford, New Jersey

Nashville, Tennessee - July 29/30
Municipal Auditorium, 417 Fourth Avenue North, Nashville, Tennessee

Atlanta, Georgia - August 5/6
Atlanta Convention Center at AmericasMart, 240 Peachtree St. NW, Atlanta, Georgia

Orlando, Florida - August 11/12
Loews Royal Pacific Resort, 6300 Hollywood Way, Orlando, Florida

Houston, Texas - August 17/18
Reliant Center - 2nd Floor, One Reliant Park (McNee entrance off Kirby Dr.), Houston, Texas

San Francisco, California - August 23/24
South San Francisco Conference Center, 255 South Airport Blvd., South San Francisco, California

Los Angeles, California - August 30/31
LA Forum, 900 West Manchester Blvd., Inglewood, California

Register online to receive an Artist Audition Pass and Check-In Time.

If you cannot attend an audition your can submit an audition video.  For instructions go to:

For more information do not contact venues directly send email to:

The Voice - Season 2 - Official Casting Webite:


Casting: SafeAuto Commercial

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The infamous SafeAuto jingle is the focus of a nationwide contest.  Fans can create their own versions of the song and film themselves performing it.  Submissions will be accepted until January. 

Winners of the contest will receive $5,000 as well as a spot on a television commercial.  The company will also go on a tour to film applicants doing their version of the song.  They will be visiting these cities:

Chicago: July 15-16, 2011
Myrtle Beach: August 4-5, 2011
Philadelphia: August 5-7, 2011
Phoenix: September 8-10, 2011
Houston: October 7-9, 2011
Nashville: October 22-23, 2011
Columbus: November 5-6, 2011

For more information, visit
Exterior of Golden Theatre

Image by Nogwater via Wikipedia

The Rogersville Playhouse in Rogersville, Tennessee is holding auditions for Avenue Q, a musical by Robert Lopez and Jeff Marx inspired by the book of the same name by Jeff Whitty.  A coming of age story about the anxieties of entering adulthood.

Actors must be 18 years or older due to adult language and content in the musical.


  • Princeton - fresh faced new kid on the block. He's looking for his purpose in life and develops a crush on Kate Monster in the meantime. 
  • Kate Monster - she's kind of pretty, and pretty damn smart. A kindergarten teacher's assistant, she's looking for the man of her monster dreams. 
  • Rod - a Republican investment banker with a secret. He's got an imaginary girlfriend who lives in Canada. 
  • Nicky - Rod's best friend and roommate. A sweet-natured slacker.
  • Brian - 32-year old small time comedian who apparently doesn't like to wear underwear when working at the Around the Clock Cafe. His comedy act doesn't pay all the bills so he's looking for a steady job. Engaged to Christmas Eve. 
  • Christmas Eve - Brian's girlfriend and wife to be. A witty, painfully earnest Japanese therapist with some peculiar ideas about relationships. Apparently, the more you ruv someone, the more you want to kirr him.
  • Trekkie Monster - a rude and grotesque sociopath who seldomly leaves his apartment, he makes a lot of money investing in Internet porn.
  • Lucy T. Slut - the star of Girls Gone Wild parts 2, 5 and 7, she's back from a prestigious tour (Amsterdam, Bangkok and Celebration, Florida) to sing at the Around the Clock Cafe and prey on Princeton. 
  • The Bad Idea Bears - viciously dangerous little critters whose only purpose in life is giving very bad advice.  They find their true calling when they join Scientology. 
  • Gary Coleman - former child star of TV's Diff'rent Strokes, he made a lot of money that got stolen by his folks. Now he's the superintendent on Avenue Q. It sucks to be him. 
  • Mrs. T - Ancient. Kate Monster's witch of a boss. 

Sunday, July 3rd and Monday, July 4th
6:00 pm
Rogersville Playhouse
1924 East Main St.
Rogersville, Tennessee

Rogersville Playhouse website:

Sugarland 2006-11-06

Sugarland (Image by Sugarlandfanatic via Wikipedia)

Nashville will be red hot next week as the CMA (Country Music Association) Music Festival gets underway on Thursday, June 9th.   Artists can be found throughout the city as well as at the Fan Fair Hall mingling with fans and signing autographs.

Proceeds from the festival help fund school music programs.  Nearly $5 million has been donated to date.

Appearances by:
Alison Krauss performing with Robert Plant at ...

Allison Krauss performing at Bonnaroo (Image by Josh Rhinehart via Wikipedia)

The Bonnaroo Music Festival is right around the corner. Packed with bands for the weekend, it even has an air conditioned cinema tent where you can go watch a movie when you want to take a break from the music.  Located on a 700 acre farm in Tennessee this is the perfect way to start the summer enjoying music, friends, and the outdoors.

  • The Black Keys
  • Widespread Panic
  • Arcade Fire
  • Robert Plant & Band of Joy
  • The Strokes
  • Allison Krauss & Union Station
  • Big Boi
  • Gregg Allman
  • Stephen Stills
  • Neil Young
  • Eminem
  • and many more...
Bonnaroo Music Festival
Thursday, June 9th through Sunday,June 12th
Manchester, Tennessee


Bunim/Mrray Productions will begin casting on  May 7th for an Oxygen channel reality show.   Self-proclaimed "bad girls" live together in a mansion while sorting out their trust and control issues.

Photograph of historic Beale Street buildings ...

Beale Street (Photo by Jeremy Atherton via Wikipedia)

Billed as the Mardi Gras of the mid south the Beale Street Music Festival opens this weekend in Memphis Tennessee.

If blues has a home it would be Beale street.  From the 1860s  blues musicians from all over the south made their way to Memphis to play in the various clubs there.  B.B. King, a regular,  got the "B.B". in his name because he was called the Beale Street Blues Boy.  Jazz and blues artists such as Louis Armstrong, Muddy Waters, and Albert King were also popular there.

Memphis is also the home of Sun Records and Elvis Presley.  Sun Records, famous for it's early recordings or rock and roll,  is where Elvis, Roy Orbison, Carl Perkins, Johnny Cash, and Jerry Lee Lewis got started with their early records and albums..

Besides the various tents and shacks featuring more intimate performances the main stages will have artists such as Jason Moraz, Stone Temple Pilots, Lucinda Williams, John Mellencamp, Greg Allman, John Hammond, Godsmack, and Betty Lavette.

Friday April 29th through Sunday, May 1st.

Beale Street
Memphis Tennessee

Beale Street Music Festival website: