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Chris Gervais of Strawhouse Pictures on Filmmaking

In this interview, we get a great insight into someone basically self-educated in this through  real world experience.  The advice Chris gives us here is taken from the sets and locations he's been a part of  and from the trial and error he's been through.

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A Conversation with Director/Producer Robert Filion 

Anna Wright talks with director Robert Filion about how he became involved in making motion pictures and about his next project, the feature length movie Athena.


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Joe Keller: A Passion for Writing and Directing 

Joe Keller is a director in Charlotte, North Carolina.   In this interview, he delves into what it's like to work in the film business and about his latest screenplay and soon to become feature length movie How to Jump Out of a Moving Car.


The U.S. Post Office and Courthouse in Rock Hi...

The Gettys Building (Public Domain Image via Wikipedia)

The Courtroom at Gettys
Interview with Mike Gentry

Mike Gentry explains the transition from house shows to The Courtroom at Gettys venue in this interview with Anna Wright.


Mahri Shelton (Photo Credit:Tim Holt)

An Interview with Mahri Shelton

An interview with Mahri Shelton where we talk about her acting experiences as she gives advice on the best way to get started and do well in this seriously competitive field. 


The Lester Bangs.JPG

The Lester Bangs

The Lester Bangs, a band out of Rock Hill, South Carolina, are playing shows and taking names.  Lester Bangs just wants to play fast, loud, and anywhere with pizza (just ask them about the stipulations!).

Kayli and Christopher Tolleson.jpgChristopher and Kayli Tolleson: A Family Affair

Kayli and Christopher Tolleson may not be old enough to drive, but they are driven!  This brother and sister are prepared to take the acting world by storm!   Kayli, after hitting the scene about 3 years ago, has been in one thing after another. Which of course makes Mom and Dad very happy, but also sends them into planning-mode. Taking care of the details.