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Worldly Possessions

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Worldly Possessions is the latest short film written and produced by Brad Hord along with Executive Producer Darren Conrad; Producers: Adam Ginsberg, Elsie Martinez Ginsberg, James Morales, Robert Filion, and Linda H Parks; and  Associate Producers: Jesse H. Knight and Jason Ledford.

The action, directed by Robert Filion, centers around Stephen Drake who is played by Tim Ross, an adept actor who is becoming very popular here in the southeast.  Stephen, who has a few demons of his own, must stop demons from entering our world.  A murder brings him back to his hometown. Detective Michelle Ryan (Morgan Monnig) is somehow changed by this experience.

I don't know much more as I haven't seem the movie yet. With this team you can bet that it will be a great film. Premiering  on October 11th in Shelby, North Carolina at The Don Gibson Theatre.  A fitting place since the movie was filmed in Shelby. 

I understand that Robert Filion had the style of Stanley Kubrick in mind as he was directing and filming the scenes.  I'm a big Kubrick fan so I'm glad no spoilers have been given away.  I want to enjoy, and discover this film as it comes, beginning to end.


Michael G. Sailors.jpg 
Michael G. Sailors
Grip/Lighting Assistans/PA

Megan Deputy
Assistant Makeup Artist

James Rossi.jpg 
James Rossi
Assistant Camera/Key Grip
Brian O'Connell.jpg 
Brian O'Connell
Grip/Sill Photographer

Brad Hord 1.jpg
Brad, what is Worldly Possessions about?

Brad Hord  Worldly Possessions centers around Stephen Drake, who has been called upon by a higher power to fight the demons that slip through hidden portals and enter our world. Drake, who is a drifter, is compelled to return to his hometown to carry out his mission. You'll have to see the film to see how that turns out.

I loved the dialogue in Mosaic 33 .  Is this going to have similar discourse between the characters?

Brad Hord  Actually, compared to Mosaic 33 the interaction between characters is sparse. It's a bit more atmospheric than Mosaic. We see the story unfold through the eyes of Stephen.

Brad Hord, Robert Filion, Darren Conrad, and Tim Ross (Photo Credit: Brian O'Connell)

You chose Robert Fillion to direct again so you must feel very comfortable that he can deliver what you want.

Brad Hord  Absolutely, I think Robert and I are a good mix when it comes to marrying the script with the direction and cinematography. I'm totally comfortable turning over a script to Robert

Is this an action movie?

Robert W. Filion  I'd say more of a psychological thriller with a horror underpinning.  I used my feelings toward Kubrick' s The Shining to steer the proceedings.

I  had heard that it pays homage to both Kurbrick and Wes Craven.  Is that a fair assessment?

Brad Hord  You can take that one Mr. Director

Robert Filion4.JPG
Robert W. Filion  I can't see the Craven, but certainly Kubrick.  I'm a student of Kubrick...  The man was brilliant with composition and creating tension. I can only hope I was able to instill this with something of what he brought, with my own twist of course.  I'd say any other comparison would be entirely subjective here... the Kubrick is there in spades.

A generous amount of Kubrick, a little Wes Craven, and a lot of Filion.  Can't wait to see it. Brad, do these ideas come to you faster than you can get them written or made?

Brad Hord  The basic concept of a story may just pop into my head without warning but the rest of the story unfolds as I write. I have a general idea where it's going but there is always a few pleasant surprises that reveal themselves along the way.

Do you know how it's going to end early on?

Brad Hord  So far the ending to every script I have written has been a bit of a surprise that came to me during the creative process.

Do you have several projects on the backburner while concentrating on the current screenplay?

Brad Hord  There is a feature length script waiting in the wings as well as another short.

What does it take to get you in the mood to write?  What gets the creative juices flowin?

Brad Hord  I just love to create. Sometimes it's music .Sometimes it's putting a new idea to paper.

Who are some of the producers on this film?

Brad Hord  Executive Producer Darren W. Conrad.  Producers: Adam Ginsberg, Elsie Martinez Ginsberg, James Morales, and Linda H Parks.  Associate Producers: Jesse H. Knight and Jason Ledford.

And the principal actors?

Brad Hord  Tim Ross, Vanelle, Morgan Monnig, Robert Crayton, Mahri Shelton, Marcia Lyn, and Todd A. Britt.

Robert Filion, Todd A. Britt, and Tim Ross (Photo Credit: Brian O'Connell)

Tim, Did you audition for this role or were you selected based on your previous work?

Tim Ross  This is going to sound nuts because it's been somewhat busy lately but I honestly can't remember. I believe Brad and Robert offered it to me based on previous work with Robert. I just signed on to do a film next month with a director who has hired me before. That happens a fair amount but I'm also in my studio auditioning constantly so sometimes I can't remember which is which.ha

What kind of guy is Stephen Drake?

Tim Ross  Stephen is one of my favorite kind of characters to play. He is sort of a reluctant hero. At least in his mind he is. He feels called upon to commit certain tasks.  It's not certain what he truly perceives as reality and what may be delusion. I think that keeps the audience guessing and it's fun for the actor. But also challenging!

Darren, How did you get involved as executive producer?

Darren W, Conrad.jpg
Darren W. Conrad  It is so funny really!  I remember when I did my first two artistic short films back in 2011 and 2012, Last Call of Duty and Park Bench.  I recall "Cutshawkane" (Brad Hord and Chris Feree's scoring company) sending me a message on the Facebook pages for those two films regarding score.  I was still in a huge learning experience with those two films, so it took about 10 films produced later on for my Partners director, Jesse H. Knight, to really introduce me to Brad and Chris as composers.  

Cutshawkane had scored, The Orbs.  I was really blown away with the amazing and brilliant quality of their music.  I have known Robert W. Filion for a few years; and there is no doubt he is one of the most genius film and video directors in North Carolina.  Robert is now on the production team for Partners

Once I got to know Brad personally, I was able to see his brilliant talent as a writer.  Every producer comes to a point in his young career where he wants to be associated with successes.  Short films, new media Series, or feature length films.  Seeing the success Brad and Robert have together as filmmakers, such as myself, I wanted to be involved.  

Brad has an eye for casting, just as myself.  Tim Ross is a phenomenal artist.  I have seen the other principal cast perform in other works.  I knew investing in Worldly Possessions was a "Win/Win"; and I have now made a permanent and lasting relationship with both Brad and Robert.  As of Partners and beyond, Brad and Chris do all the scoring to projects I produce solely myself, or projects I am involved in as an executive producer.  This film is a 2015 Winner!

Morgan, Tell me about your character.  What is Michelle Ryan like?

Morgan Monnig  Ryan is a good cop, a good detective.  She knows her case files and their history down to the timelines.  She is called to the scene of a crime, but after she leaves the actual crime scene and heads to her partner, she's changed.  

Where was the filming done?

Brad Hord  It was filmed entirely in Shelby NC

Is that why you chose the Don Gibson Theater for the premiere? 

Brad Hord  Yes. This community has helped us so much not only with Worldly Possessions but with Mosaic 33. I would not have premiered Worldly Possessions anywhere else.

What do you have planned for the event? 

Brad Hord  As with our Mosaic 33, The Don Gibson Theatre is a fantastic venue for the Worldly Possessions/Athena premieres. There will be a cash bar, a meet & greet and plenty of photo-ops. The facility has a state of the art system and we're really looking forward to not only seeing our films there but also hearing them. The    sound is amazing.  We'll be selling our raffle help out the Cancer Research Institute as well as our film fest and marketing costs.

Kristin Jann  I just play a small demon role in Worldly Possessions

Tim Ross  Small but awesome

Kristin Jann  Thank you!! I had a blast and it was so much fun to be creepy!!

Robert W. Filion  You are all creepy. Especially you, Kristin.

Todd Alexander Britt  I don't really know the producers (besides Brad) but I've worked with both Brad and Rob on several past projects (along with most of the cast & crew).  Brad hired me because he knows I will take the job seriously and do the best I can - even when I am only paid in celery sticks. 

Tim Ross  Those were my celery sticks dammit

Morgan Monnig  Wait a second.  You guys got celery sticks!? Brad why have you forsaken me!?

Tim Ross  You had to be both cute and sweet, not one or the other.

Morgan Monnig  Whatevs.  I see how it is. No matter.  I was quite happy with my cherry tomatoes anyway!

Todd Alexander Britt  Morgan was not allowed to eat, actually....for a good while.  (It would have disturbed her makeup.  That's all I can say.)  She got to look at the food though and observe everyone else eating. 

Morgan Monnig  Yeah that was fun. (Sighs)

Robert Crayton (Photo Credit: Brian O'Connell)

Todd Alexander Britt  My role as "Creepy Guy at Diner" (or whatever he's called in the credits) was not very difficult to play, as I only had one emotion and 3 lines.  I had plenty of rehearsal time once we started shooting, thanks to the neverending traffic at that particular intersection - late at night, no less.  It allowed me to say my lines every way possible - which worked out great for me.  I wanted to yell more and laugh maniacally, but Roberto would not allow it. Basically, I just want to be the next Dennis Hopper, I guess, is what I'm trying to say.

Robert Crayton  My experience on the Set of Wordly Possessions was top notch!!! With an absolutely professional crew that, from the directors all the way down to the actors made the experience stellar. 

We all know in the entertainment business night shoots are definitely some of the hardest to get through because of time and night fatigue. Cold and patience cones in to play. Brad Hord & Robert Fillion worked well together as a team and knew what they both wanted from each scene making it easy for the actors to concentrate on the task at hand.  Plus there was no wasted idle time. Everything flowed very well, and for a person who is very experienced in the entertainment [business] I know that sometime night shoots can be disasters waiting to happen but we had a professional dedicated group that powered through pretty easily feeding on each others energy.  While we marvelled at each others talent. A truly great experience that I intend on repeating as soon as the opportunity arises!

Vanelle  Probably the coolest thing I could say about the set was the Agrat Bat Mahlaht scene was shot on the same set used for The Hunger Games. It was a rundown old warehouse that looked like it had been abandoned for quite some time. Everyone that I worked with on this project was just fantastic. They even let me bring my friend, Petey Piñata, on set and he may have or may not have directed a scene. And yes he is an actual piñata.

After the second day of shooting I had absolutely no voice from all the screaming that I had to do the night before.  I'm sure I gave the older couple living across the street from the house quite the scare.

Marcia Lyn  Working on Worldly Possessions was a blast, even being at the mercy of Todd Britt and Megan Deputy for five hours in the makeup chair.

Tell me about some of the people in Shelby that helped with the movie. 

Brad Hord  There are just too many to name.....I guess we could just go with something like this -- We've been so fortunate to be able to film in the Shelby and Cleveland County area of North Carolina. This community fully supports the arts. We've had so much help in the form of shooting locations, craft services, product placement....and the list just goes on. This is a fantastic group of people in Shelby.

One of the most atmospheric locations we had was provided by P&M Warehouse, which was also a Hunger Games location. Other locations include  Dragonfly Wine Market, which we used for a bar room scene and the exterior of Holly's Flowers, which we used in Mosaic 33.  Linda H. Parks, owner of Fireside Books and Gifts even came on as a Co-Producer.  

One of the most pivotal scenes was shot in a beautiful state of the art facility, the Legrand Center. Robert really channeled Kubrick in the LeGrand Center. 

Worldly Possessions will be shown at the Don Gibson Theatre in Shelby on October 11th followed by Athena by Robert W. Filion.  Don't miss your chance to see these two movies made by a great ensemble of cast and crew right here from the Carolinas and the southeast.

Limited Seating
Buy tickets as soon as possible to guarantee that you have a seat!

There will be a raffle with prizes from the producers of both movies which will benefit The Cancer Research Institute
Click on the link below to see what you can win! 

Athena & Worldly Possessions
The Don Gibson Theatre
Saturday October 11th - 6:00 pm
318 South Washington Street
Shelby, North Carolina

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