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Worldly Possessions

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Worldly Possessions is a new film written by Brad Hord and being directed by Robert Filion.

This is the second time this pair has worked together.  Previously they made a film call Mosaic 33 which is a science fiction tale of a woman who decides to reveal information to a reporter about what is going on in the Mosaic lab she works in.  It has been doing very well on the film festival circuit.

Shelby, North Carolina and the surrounding area has been chosen as the city to film Worldly Possessions in and one of the locations picked was also used in the movie Hunger Games.
Candace Blanchard
Brad Hord  Writer/Producer of Worldly Possessions

"I am very proud to be the Executive Producer on Brad's new vision!  The cast is brilliant and Director Robert W. Filion is at the top of his game!  I put my money on the best... and these guys are rocking it! Worldly Possessions is a Win Win!" - Darren Conrad Executive Producer

An excellent cast has been assembled and filming begins mid April.

Below are some of the cast and crew followed by a conversation I had With Brad Hord and Tim Ross about the film.


Tim Ross 2.jpg


Morgan Monnig.jpg

Robert Crayton.jpg

Mahri Shelton 2.jpg

Kristin Jann.jpg

Marcia Lyn.jpg

Robert Filion.jpg

Director/DP/Producer: Robert Filion

Darren Conrad.jpg

Executive Producer: Darren Conrad

Brad Hord 1.jpg

Writer/Producer/Composer: Brad Hord

Chris Ferree.jpg

Composer: Chris Ferree
Assistant Camera/Key Grip: James Rossi

Lisa Cobb.jpg

Production Design: Lisa Cobb

Todd A. Britt.jpg

Special Makeup Effects:  Todd A. Britt

Megan Deputy.jpg

Makeup: Megan Deputy

Michael G. Sailors.jpg

Production Assistant: Michael G. Sailors

Tell me about Worldly Possessions.

Brad Hord:  Worldly Possessions is an atmospheric horror short. It's the second collaboration between myself and director/cinematographer Robert W. Filion. This film follows on the heels of Mosaic 33, which was completed last year and is now making a successful film fest run.....Worldly Possessions is centered around Stephen Drake, a mysterious drifter who is one of The Chosen. Drake's sworn duty is to search out portals from which demons enter our world and to banish the demons back to hell. A horrific event occurs which compels Stephen to return to his hometown....But you'll have to see the film to know how that turns out.

I have noticed you're scouting for locations.  Will there be several locations in this film and in what period is it set?

Brad Hord: We've been extremely lucky to have a community here in Shelby NC who enthusiastically support the arts, and that enthusiasm has landed us some fantastic locations for the film. One of the locations was actually used for The Hunger Games. Another great location is one of the more notable historical homes in the area. There are around seven locations in the film, which is more than the norm for a short....The time period for the film is present day.

Who wrote the screenplay?

Brad Hord: I wrote the screenplay. After it was complete (is it really ever complete?) Robert and I kicked around a few options here and there before it was finalized.

When does filming begin?

Brad Hord: Filming will begin on April 11th and we will be shooting periodically until the middle of May. Robert Filion will be directing and shooting the film

You will in charge of the soundtrack, I'm sure.  What else?

Brad Hord: Yes, my music partner Chris Ferree and I will be scoring the film as CutshawKane. I guess you could say I am also the location manager, script supervisor and unofficial co-producer.

When did you begin scoring movies?

Brad Hord: Chris and I have been scoring indie films since 2007.

What came first film scores or writing screenplays?

Brad Hord: Even though I've always enjoyed writing, Mosaic 33 was my foray into screenplay writing. We had been scoring films for a number of years before Mosaic 33 came to be.

Was Mosaic 33 the first contact with Robert Filion or had you done any work on his movies?

Brad Hord: Actually we were fortunate enough to have scored a couple of his films, so I was familiar with the quality of his work.

Who's lined up for cast and crew on this one?

Brad Hord: Tim Ross will be taking the lead as Stephen Drake. After seeing Tim in "My Name Is Paul", I knew he would be perfect for the role. We're also extremely excited to have Vanelle, Morgan Monning, Robert Crayton, Mahri Shelton, Kristin Jann and Marcia Lyn on board. I've followed these fine actors for the past several years and what they will bring to the table is priceless. I'm really looking forward to working again with Special Makeup Effects artist Todd A. Britt. Todd outdid himself on Mosaic 33 and I can't wait to see what he and Megan Deputy come up with for Worldly Possessions. James Rossi is on board for 1st AC and Key Grip and Lisa Cobb will be our Production Designer. Darren W. Conrad is our Executive Producer with James Morales, Adam Ginsberg, Elsie Martinez-Ginsberg and Linda H. Parks as Producers. Jesse Knight and Jason Ledford are Associate Producers. And of course Robert W. Filion will be directing and shooting the film as well as acting as a producer.

That's a great lineup.  Tim Ross seems to be everywhere these days.  He's very talented and devoted to acting.  Darren Conrad gets around quite a bit as well.  I haven't met Vanelle but have seen her in some movies including Robert's See The Dead and will be great.  Mahri Shelton is fabulous and sure to give a fine performance. Lisa Cobb has been been busy too as the set decorator on My Name Paul, Athena, and now Worldly Possessions.

Tim Ross: I am intrigued and excited about being a part of this project for several reasons. The two largest reasons go hand in hand--the story and the production team. The story interests me because it adds deeper psychological layers to a story that also has traditional horror elements. The audience will not be able to truly answer the larger questions in the story---the true victims, who is actually innocent (if anyone) and what is real. It's even a multi-dimensional story, which will be made more clear as you see it. Along with an interesting story and character you have one of the best, if not the best, DP in town in Robert and a solid production team alongside him. I'm also fascinated by this character. For me, he is a flawed and reluctant hero, my favorite character to play. There are also other actors involved who I either love to work with or have always wanted to work with. It was a no-brainer....

Brad, how did you and Darren Conrad come together on this.  Had you worked together before?

Brad Hord: Darren and I met through his web series "Partners" which Chris Ferree and I are scoring. We're really happy to have him on board as Executive Producer.

Is this the first time you've used Marcia in a film?  Is she new to acting?
Brad Hord: Her first film was Mosaic 33. She was the subject of about four hours of makeup prep by Todd Britt.

Why four hours of makeup?

Brad Hord: Let's just say that Marcia was the object of the experiments that took place at the Mosaic Research Center in Lab 33.

I see. Do you think you would have started writing screenplays had you not had an association to movies through your sound design and scoring business?

Brad Hord: Probably not. It was definitely the association with the film community that sparked my interest in telling my own stories. I've always had a desire to create and writing screenplays was just a natural progression for me.

Is this just the beginning? Can we expect more to come?

Brad Hord: This is most certainly just the beginning. Hopefully the next project will be a feature. There is another script of mine waiting in the wings that Robert and I are kicking around plus half a dozen more that are rattling around in my head, jockeying for position.

That's great!  Keep doing good work and with a cast and crew like this you're bound to succeed.

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